Limitless CS:GO Disbands

Limitless CS:GO Disbands

It was a rough week for Limitless CS:GO as the roster has come to the decision to go their separate ways following a dismal start to ESEA Premier Season 39.

With hopes of turning around a season that was quickly slipping away, Limitless CS:GO came out hot. Limitless pushed Eros to their limits in map one of the best of three as they clawed their way over the line in the 19-17 overtime win on Inferno. However, things took a turn after Eros responded with a commanding, 16-11 shot of their own to even the series out at 1-1. From there, it was all downhill as Limitless seemed to run out of steam while Eros turned it on later and cruised to a dominant 16-9 win and took the series 2-1.

Truthfully, being fresh off a hard loss and quite frankly, a disappointing start to the season is simply not where you want to be heading into a clash with one of ESEA Premier’s top-dogs, Pain Gaming. The match was over in a flash as Pain Gaming did what they normally do and took the series without much resistance. 

It was a rough week, to say the least as the boys in blue finished 1-4 in map count and 0-4 on the season. The 0-4 stretch is the core roster’s worst start since their formation in Season 37. This seemed to be the final nail in the coffin as the major decision was made there soon after.

After a rough start to life in the 39th season of ESEA top-flight competition, the roster of Umar, ayy, Cryptic, jason, consti, ram, sacrifice, and coach Noot has disbanded.

Limitless wants to thank the roster for representing the organization and wishes the players and staff the best of luck in their future endeavors

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  1. They put up a good fight! Hate to see it. But as we will come back strong, those players will also come back strong where ever they end up. Keep you heads high, and remember one thing. Opportunities are limitless!

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