RLCS Major 1 Recap

RLCS Major 1 Recap

Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid statue, the palaces of Amalienborg and Christiansborg, Rosenborg Castle, Frederik’s Church, and Børsen are among the popular tourist destinations in Copenhagen. However, Copenhagen housed the best Rocket League teams in the world this past weekend at Major 1. Despite their lackluster performance at the RLCS World Championship event less than a year ago, where they struggled to secure wins against teams outside their region, there was never any doubt that Limitless would qualify for the major. They were poised to redeem themselves, showing a determination to win that was truly inspiring. 


Since the 2023 RLCS World Championship, Limitless made a surprising roster change, bringing in Sweaty. This change brought a fresh dynamic to the team, with Sweaty’s aggressive playstyle and solid defensive skills complementing the existing players. However, this change did not deter them from their goal of dominating every event they participated in. “Roster change or not, our goal always remains the same: win every event and maintain the level of dominance we have shown in the past,Snowyy affirmed. “The team’s spirit is high; we all share the same drive to win and improve. I’ve learned over the years that it’s crucial to keep evolving the roster to stay ahead of the competition. I’m always looking for new, young, proven talent to bring into the team,” he added. 


It is always a privilege to have conversations with players, as it not only allows us to get a little bit of an insider look as to what makes the best teams in the world just that, but it also allows us to see the individuals that are behind the screen when the game is offline. Snowyy is a remarkable individual to chat with, whether it’s about Rocket League or not. During our conversation, Snowyy provided some intriguing insights about the team’s meticulous preparation and innovative strategies, such as their unique rotation patterns and aggressive ball control, which they employed to overcome their challenges, revealing that the team is highly skilled, incredibly resilient, and adaptable. 


First off, congratulations on qualifying for the Major! What does this mean to you and the boys? How has practice been since you qualified?” I asked, to which he replied, “It means a huge amount to us. These big international events are the pinnacle of our Esport, and it’s what we are always grinding for. We were also excluded from Majors for the last two seasons, so the fact that we qualified for this first one and that we got to represent SSA at a major for the first time means the world to us. The practice has been difficult so far; we cut it very close to getting our visas, so we could not boot camp and get scrims with international teams.” 

How do you feel you match up against Karmine Corp?” “I am excited to play them; we know, however, that it’s going to be a tough matchup since they are probably the best team in the world.” 

Do you think other teams (outside of SSA) don’t treat you as seriously as you would them? If so, why?” Unfortunately, I do think they don’t treat us seriously. Most of these teams have big egos and don’t see us as a threat in their eyes.

Anything you want to say to the Limitless fans, friends, or family?” “I want to say a massive thank you to all of them. They are the best people in the world, and I feel privileged to have them support us. We will do our absolute best for you all.” 


Day 1 Match #1: Limitless (SSA) vs Karmine Corp (EU)

The stage was set! The first RLCS Major of the 2024 Season had finally arrived! The top sixteen teams in the world had appeared at the K.B. Hallen Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark, ready to put on a show for Rocket League fans all around the globe. Limitless strapped in, ready to take on Karmine Corp, the best team in the world. Game 1 was a close but slow start for Limitless, as they dropped Game 1 with a 0-3 shutout loss. Game 2 showed everyone how dominant Karmine Corp is, putting up eight goals against Limitless in just five minutes. Game 3 wasn’t much better for Limitless, as another slow offensive start cost them a genuine fighting chance in the series, dropping the third game and heading to the lower bracket within the Swiss format. Despite the loss, the team remained optimistic and focused on learning from their mistakes to improve in the next matches. 


Day 1 Match #2: Limitless (0-1, SSA) vs OG (0-1, NA)

Coming off their loss against Karmine Corp, Limitless looked to rebound against OG, a Top 4 team within the North American region, who were coming off a tough loss against Team Falcons. Limitless put up a tough fight during Game 1 but ultimately came up short in overtime as OG got the last laugh, winning 3-2 and drawing first blood in the series. Limitless could not capitalize on their previous performance and momentum and were shutout 2-0 in Game 2 on Forbidden Temple. Now facing a 0-2 deficit in the series, Limitless needed to strike and come up with something to extend the series and keep their hopes of making Playoffs alive at Major 1, but OG shut the door on Limitless and erased any hopes of a fourth or even a fifth game in the series, soundly defeating Limitless 5-1 on DFH Stadium, and winning the series 3-0. With this loss, Limitless moved to a 0-2 record in the Swiss stage and was on the verge of being eliminated from Major 1. This was also their final match of Day 1, allowing them to hit the reset button and be prepared for their matchup on Day 2 against Luminosity Gaming (LG). 


Day 2 Match #1: Limitless (0-2, SSA) vs Luminosity Gaming (0-2, NA)

With their backs against the wall, rested eyes, and clear minds, Limitless looked to make a run in the Lower Bracket to qualify for Playoffs. Still, another Top 4 North American giant stood in their way: Luminosity Gaming. While the scores for the games may look like a significant difference, the series was indeed closer than the scores. Kicking the series off on Mannfield (Night), Limitless kept Luminosity on their back wheels but ultimately came up short and lost Game 1 1-2. Limitless could not capitalize on their previous performance and momentum and were shutout 2-0 in Game 2 on Forbidden Temple once again, just as they were in the last series against OG. This was it for Limitless, what could be their last chance at making Playoffs at Major 1; they needed to get the ball rolling and put their best wheel forward against Luminosity. Ultimately, Limitless came up short on DFH Stadium, losing Game 3 1-3, and were eliminated from playoff contention, ending their run at Major 1


While these were not the results they were anticipating or the performance they wanted to showcase to the the rest of the regions within RLCS, Limitless Rocket League made history and added another accolade to their already impressive resumes within Rocket League Esports: Back-to-Back-to-Back SSA Open Qualifier Championships, creating their first three-peat with this new roster, and the second for the duo of Snowyy and 2Die4, and most importantly, Limitless are the first Sub-Saharan Africa team to be represented at a RLCS Major, which is not something that any other SSA team will be able to say. Despite their Major 1 run ending earlier in the day, Limitless demonstrated their true potential in a Best of Seven Showcase match against Elevate, the number one team in Asia-Pacific. This showcase match put on by Greybeard and BassFromThePast gave fans a more in-depth look at the talent that is Limitless Rocket League, as they swept Elevate 4-0, letting everyone know that this was not the last they’d see of Limitless Rocket League and that they were more than their Major 1 performance showed. 


In a tweet put out on Sunday by BigSyn (Owner of Limitless) had this to say about the team’s weekend at Major 1:

Genuinely a weekend I’ll never forget. Thank you, @RLEsports, for providing us with this opportunity. What we’ve accomplished in over two years at @GGLimitless is nothing short of amazing. I’m absolutely proud of what we’re building.


Limitless Rocket League will look to bounce back from their lackluster performance at Major 1 as they return home to prepare for the Open Qualifiers for Major 2. Their minds will be focused on what they need to perform, make the Playoffs, and make a deep run at Major 2.