Limitless CS:GO: ESEA Advanced Week 5 Recap

Limitless CS:GO: ESEA Advanced Week 5 Recap

Yet another week in the ESEA Advanced season is in the books and it was the first time that Limitless had only 1 match in the entire week. That made their match against Davenport University all that more exciting. Coming into the week Limitless had a 6-2 record which had them sitting in the top half of the standings. I’m going to be going over how they did in that match.

Limitless vs Davenport University Recap

Coming into the match, Limitless was on a two match winning streak while Davenport University was on a three match winning streak. Both teams were looking to maintain their respective streaks and a win for either team would guarantee that they would jump over their opponent in the standings so there was a lot at stake.

All players on the Davenport University squad were to be considered serious threats as they were working well and had their own standout moments in previous games while AtomiK, mirth and Slugy were the ones to look out for on Limitless’ squad with others doing really good as well.

The match started off really well for Davenport University as they got a small 2-0 lead after two rounds but they weren’t able to maintain and it quickly turned into the Limitless show as they were able to win the next nine straight rounds and go up 9-2 after eleven rounds played in the match. Both teams then traded wins back and forth a lot after that but Limitless were able to go on another run towards the end to win the match 16-10 and improve their record to 7-2.

It was sezi that really went off in that match, getting a lot of kills but Slugy and Millz were also really good and consistent throughout the match with AtomiK and mirth having their own moments as well. With that win, Limitless’ win streak stayed intact while Davenport University’s streak came to an end. After that match, Limitless were able to stay in 5th place on the standings along with the other top tier teams in the conference.

The team now has even more momentum heading into week 6 which will be a pretty big week for them. All of the matches were streamed on the Limitless Twitch channel so if you would like to watch the team in action for the rest of their matches then make sure to drop a follow on the channel.

That’s it for this article, I hope all of you enjoyed reading this and comment down below what your thoughts are on the squad and the upcoming matches. Until next time, I’m out!