Limitless CS:GO: ESEA Advanced Week 3 Preview

Limitless CS:GO: ESEA Advanced Week 3 Preview

This week’s set to be a big week for the members on the Limitless CS:GO squad as they’ll be having back to back game days as they try to improve on their 3-1 record which puts them at 9th place in the ESEA Advanced central conference.

Limitless vs Unjustified Gaming Preview

The team’s first matchup of the week is going to be their toughest one so far as they take on an undefeated Unjustified Gaming squad that currently has a perfect record of 4-0 which puts them at 4th in the standings. Limitless will be looking to hand them their first loss of this season and possibly jump over them in the standings.

Unjustified Gaming’s team is led by Hitman and they’ve been consistent with ending their matches early without letting their opponents take many rounds. They were able to dominate their last match against Isolate which ended in them winning with a score of 16-7.

Limitless vs New Threat Preview

In the second and final matchup of the week, Limitless will be taking on New Threat. They currently have a 2-2 record for the season and lost both of their matches last week. They will be looking to bounce back from that in their match against Limitless so we can expect them to play with a lot of heart.

Their last second loss last week came against a GameSense squad that was winless until their match with New Threat and now have a record of 1-3. Their team will be led by bilenko who has been performing well despite his team’s poor performances lately.

What To Expect From Limitless

The team will be looking at AtomiK to continue playing like he did in the last match, he had a very good 31 kills in their last match after he was subbed in for scottyio. Slugy who’s the current kill leader on the squad will be looking to build on that lead as well as continue to get more assists.

Millz and his team will be looking to end this week with a 5-1 record and a 3 win streak as they continue on with the season. The season is still relatively new but every game will play a big part with how the standings look towards the end of the season.

Make sure to follow Limitless’ Twitch channel to keep up with all the games as they’ll be streamed on there. That’s it for this article, I hope all of you enjoyed reading this and comment down below what your thoughts are on the upcoming matches this week and how you think it’ll go. Until next time, I’m out!