Limitless CS:GO: ESEA Advanced Week 2 Recap

Limitless CS:GO: ESEA Advanced Week 2 Recap

Coming into the week Limitless CS:GO was 2-0 for the season after winning both matches in week 1. This week they had Magic School Bus and Cyberstorm in front of them, both teams started off their season in a bumpy manner after going 1-1 and 1-2 respectively prior to their match against Limitless CS:GO.

Limitless CS:GO vs Magic School Bus Match Recap

The match started off with the team taking a commanding 5-0 lead after the first five rounds with Millz and Slugy doing a lot of the heavy lifting during that time. They were able to build on that and turn that into a 9-2 lead with mirth and sezi showing off their skills in between as well.

Magic School Bus were able to make a comeback after those rather forgetful first eleven rounds for them, cutting the lead down to 11-8 and then coming back to make it 15-15 after Limitless CS:GO went on another run making it 15-9 at one point.

Unfortunately despite the whole team doing well towards the end getting a ton of kills in certain rounds, it wasn’t enough as Magic School Bus were able to win the match 22-19 after Trucklover86, cypress and svj led their team through the comeback and ended up closing the match with great performances. This was the first loss of the season for Limitless CS:GO with their season record now no longer perfect.

Limitless CS:GO vs Cyberstorm Match Recap

Coming off the loss against Magic School Bus, the Limitless CS:GO roster was looking to rebound from it with a win against Cyberstorm. AtomiK was subbed in for this match replacing scottyio. This match took place on Inferno and the team was able to win their previous round on this map.

Unlike the previous match, Limitless CS:GO wasn’t able to take an early lead but rather it was Cyberstorm that got off to a good start after they were able to get a 10-2 lead after twelve rounds. Until that point, the team wasn’t able to get it going with everyone from Cyberstorm but injury, austin_ and left in particular dominating the proceedings.

After those first twelve rounds, something clicked and the whole squad started playing really well with all five members having their own moments to shine. Despite being the new member on the team, AtomiK was able to dominate a lot of the latter rounds. The comeback resulted in the scores flipping real quick with Limitless having a 15-14 lead after being down previously and then the team was able to close the match out with the score of 19-16.

That was exactly the type of match that the team needed to bounce back after the loss and going into week 3, all the momentum is on Limitless CS:GO’s side as the team is currently 10th in the ESEA Advanced central conference and looking to improve on that record even more.

All of the matches were streamed on the Limitless Twitch channel so if you would like to watch the team in action for the rest of their matches then make sure to drop a follow on the channel. That’s it for this article, I hope all of you enjoyed reading this and comment down below what your thoughts are on the squad and the upcoming matches. Until next time, I’m out!