The Impact scene within Counter-Strike is brimming with determined and resilient female players who have yet to have an opportunity to truly showcase their talents on the biggest stages, primarily due to a lack of support within the community. The age-old argument about Esports, and sports in general, being dominated by male players has to be put to rest, as the women within Esports can compete against the men, hold their own, and impress those who have doubted them since the beginning. 


On February 15th, it was announced that Limitless would join the ESL Impact League when they signed the “Lotus” roster featuring Daria, Fawx, rbn, Mira, and PiggyKiki. The Angels are currently 2-0 in the ESL Impact League at the time of this article being posted. Since joining Limitless, the Angels have had some thrilling matches, including a double-overtime victory against Money Gang in the first match of their brief ESEA Intermediate Playoffs run. They secured a 2-1 series win over Money Gang before falling to Peekers Advantage and Kopatic in the Lower Bracket, thus ending their Intermediate Playoff run. However, undeterred by their Intermediate playoff loss, they had to shake it off and go toe-to-toe with the Wanted Goons Bandits, whom they soundly defeated in 2-0 fashion; this match saw Mira drop 50 kills across two maps.


The Limitless Angels refocused on their next challenge: Fragadelphia. This renowned Esports event in Philadelphia is known for its intense competition and the opportunity it provides for teams to prove their worth. Despite the absence of PiggyKiki, one of their starting five, the Angels remained resilient, with Ink (Manager for Limitless Angels) stepping in to fill the gap. This demonstrates the team’s adaptability and determination to succeed, regardless of the circumstances. 


We were able to catch up with Ink and get a few words with them:

Knowing you had to fill in for PiggyKiki for this event, what was the preparation like?” The news that Kiki couldn’t go was only my knowledge a week ahead of time, and I had to try and find a solution within a short period while also balancing the flood of stuff to deal with after a vacation I took. The main goal we set in mind was to build a replicable structure from game to game, transitioning away from not having a consistent identity to a style that can evolve through each half.


“How has practice been preparing for Impact and post-IM Playoff losses? What’s changed, and what are you looking to improve on?” In regards to practicing, nothing compares to the opportunity we took to go to this LAN, and hopefully, that was the difference maker in creating a solid showing for the weeks to come


Anything you’d like to say to the fans, friends, or family?” Everyone who comes to support us right now is a unique individual, and we appreciate everyone whom we got to meet in person who turned out to be fans and the ones who stick in chat at the darkest hours of the night


The Angels arrived at Philadelphia with clear eyes and eager to throw down in the servers. Their first match came against Collegiate Esports giant “Fisher College” where their opponent proved too much for them, quickly falling 0-2 with respective scores of 7-13 and 5-13. Nonetheless, the Angels promptly regained and scored a 2-1 victory over Fueled by Hate, winning maps 2 and 3 with a score of 13-6 and 13-7. This set up a “Win and In” matchup for the Angels against FlyQuest Red, arguably the best team in ESL Impact. After a tough and grueling series against the ladies in Red, the Angels fell 0-2 (12-16, 16-19), and their run at Fragadelphia came to an end. While this wasn’t the outcome the Angels were hoping for, there were several pieces for them to look back at: They went toe-to-toe with the best team in ESL Impact and held their own; they didn’t let the nerves of playing on LAN get the best of them, and most importantly, they weren’t playing with their complete starting five. 


The Limitless Angels are set to battle FlyQuest Red on March 20th in ESL Impact. This is the Angels’ most crucial match-up, as they will have a chance to redeem themselves from their loss on LAN against FlyQuest Red and submit themselves as the best team in ESL Impact.