Google defines Adversity as “a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune.” Adversity is a common theme in Limitless Esports. Whether within Rocket League or Counter-Strike, players must overcome hurdles to progress in their professional careers. Not only is Limitless Rocket League well into their RLCS season, already racking up 3 RLCS Regional Championships, but we turn our attention to both of the Counter-Strike Teams within Limitless: Limitless ECL and Limitless Angels. Currently, both teams have hit a roadblock of sorts, with both being unable to control their destiny fully. The players, coaches, and managers still believe in their teams’ ability to become greater than what they have shown to date.


Limitless ECL:


On January 3rd, Limitless announced their roster for Season 48 of ECL, consisting of Doom, Mellow, Grape, Danejoris, and Pose1doNN. Since their arrival, the roster has worked hard to perfect their craft, participating in several Cash Cups, PGL Qualifiers, and ECL Matches. Currently, the ECL Team is 6-8 across their first seven series of the ECL season, as each series is a Best of 2, which has seen them split several maps with teams in ECL, and with three games remaining in the season before the Playoffs, the team has a lot of work to do. That’s when we sat down with Coastal, head coach, big brain, and wearer of many hats, to discuss the team’s current state and where they can go. 


First, what’s the vibe within the team, given the rough start to the second half of the ECL Season? What’s the biggest challenge the team is facing at the moment? The vibe with the team so far has been positive; we know this past week we didn’t play up to our standards, which sucks, but we know we can fix our mistakes and move on with more effort and some new ideas being brought in. The biggest challenge we are facing is inconsistency right now, which comes with the inexperience we have on the roster, with Grape on his first real season as an IGL (which is doing way better than the previous IGLs I’ve worked with recently) and Doom and Pose1doNN both on the first season of ECL they haven’t dealt with the pressure that comes with the division. Still, they are also improving fast, which is excellent for me. 


Great! Where do you see this team ending up if all the pieces align? Does the team have the ability to go all the way within ECL, even get to LAN, and make a deep run? When it formed, our goal for this team was to make playoffs and be in the division next season so we could build. We brought Leon and Nik on board to help in our chances of making the Playoffs. The current meta in NA is to puzzle-piece rosters together, which we all agreed we wanted to avoid at all costs; as for LAN, we want to play as many as possible because it’s one of the easiest ways to further the team bonds.


Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to any Limitless Fans, Friends, or Family? We understand the results aren’t what is expected of a team with our potential, but hold on; we are improving fast and can see a bright future.


The next time we see the ECL team will be on April 11th, when they take on Boss. After this, they will have a nearly three-week break before their next match; with only two games left, the Limitless ECL team will need to bring their all to have a chance of making the postseason.


Limitless Angels:


When we last left the Angels, they were in Philadelphia, participating in Fragadelphia’s first CS2 event of the year. While their performance and placing were not the best showing of their ability, and they were again not playing with their entire starting five, the Angels came home. They immediately got to work on preparing for the match against arguably, at the time, the best team within the Impact division, FlyQuest Red. The Angels were unsuccessful in their highly anticipated matchup against FlyQuest Red and then against Team Karma. With only two matches left in the Impact season, Ink, General Manager of the Angels, said this when we chatted.


What’s the team’s vibe since returning from LAN, transitioning back to online CS, and returning to practice with the starting five? What’s the biggest challenge the team is facing at the moment? Everyone is missing lan; there has been a bit of restructuring regarding practice, making sure we prioritize the right parts of our gameplay and structure to close out this season of impact. Match readiness has always been our weakness, not necessarily related to preparing but to nerves and making the same decisions you would under other circumstances.


Anything you’d like to say to any Limitless Fans, Friends, or Family? We appreciate everyone’s faith and support during this post, LAN dud, and hope not to squander the opportunity if the stars align to close the season.


Following our conversation with Ink, the Limitless Angels went through the Cash Cup and finished 2nd Place, just behind Shimmer, who the Angels will battle on April 19th in their final ESL Impact 5 Season match. While these results differ from what the players are hopeful for, Limitless believes in their teams’ abilities to showcase their talents to their full potential and bring home championships to Limitless.